Collector Status

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Collector Status

The collector status page provides performance and health statistics of any installed collector. "Collect Statistics" must be enabled in the collector configuration for this page to display information.




Compression Level

The observed compression level.



The number of agents connected to the collector.


Inbound Queue

The number of packets which have been received by the collector but not yet been decoded for processing. A sustained high number may indicate that the collector does not have enough CPU resources to process packets.


Outbound Queue

The number of data items that have been successfully decoded from the inbound queue but not yet sent to the action. The number of items in the queue should be low, a large outbound queue length usually indicates a performance issue with the database.


Bytes Per Second

The number of bytes per second received.


Packets Per Second

The number of packets per second. Each packet may contain on or more data items (e.g. event log entry, performance data, etc.)


Invalid Packets

A packet is deemed invalid if it cannot be decoded. Invalid packets may occur if there is a (significant) version mismatch between the collector and the agents. This number should always be 0.