Maintenance Wizard

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Maintenance Wizard

The Maintenance Wizard allows old data to be purged from the EventSentry database. Data can also be purged automatically with a command-line utility.



All data deleted with the maintenance wizard will be permanently removed, and there is no way to get the data back unless you have a working database backup. The Maintenance Wizard will prompt you for the database administrator login/password (e.g. postgres, sa, root, SYSTEM) for all tasks.



Performance Counter:

Removes all references to the selected performance counter(s)

Logical Drive:

Removes all references to the selected logical drive(s) on the selected host

Binary Data:

Removes all binary data



All Instances:

Removes all data of the selected host(s)

Certain Instances:

Removes one or more instances of the selected host (e.g. remove all event log data only)


Computers are flagged as "orphaned" by the management console when a computer from an Active Directory-Linked group is removed from Active Directory. Clicking the "Orphaned computers" check box will automatically select all computers which are marked as orphaned.


When removing all or some instances, only computers running an agent are shown by default. To remove hosts which are not running an agent, click the "Include hosts without an agent" check box. In most cases this will significantly increase the number of hosts shown.



Tuning lets you remove data that is older than a certain amount of days from all or selected instances. For example, all File Access and Process Tracking data which is older than 90 days can be removed. Tuning can either be applied to all or just select hosts.




Instead of purging the data immediately, a set of SQL statements can be generated with the SQL button at step 3. The SQL statements can then be run at a later time.