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Hybrid SIEM Solution

  • Real-time Alerts
  • Flexible Dashboards
  • Powerful RESTful Reporting API
  • Security Event Normalization & Correlation

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"EventSentry has more uses than a Swiss Army Knife!"

Mike W. (East Alabama Medical Center)

  • EMCA
  • Choctaw Nation
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

"Excellent Technical Support! Technical support personel is very knowlegeable and supportive. Bravo Zulu to your team." >> READ MORE  

Terry Ly

"Even if we are a small company with only a few servers EventSentry helps us to detect potentially problems a long time before the problem actually hurts us." >> READ MORE  

Roger Abderhalden (InterSolutions GmbH)

Unlimited Data

Collect and archive as much data as you can store - for one price.


EventSentry is competitively priced and includes one full year of email & phone support.

No Sensor Limit

Monitor as many metrics per host as you wish - EventSentry is licensed per host.

Complete Picture

EventSentry looks beyond events and log files - by monitoring multiple aspects of Windows-based systems to give you a complete picture - and not just a few pieces of the puzzle. Disk space, performance, inventory and more monitoring features are all included.


Real-Time Monitoring

Our state-of-art agents monitor all Windows servers, workstations & laptops securely, efficiently and in real-time - with native 64-bit support. Data is encrypted & compressed, and collected metrics are cached and re-transmitted during temporary network outages.

Descriptive Email Alerts

EventSentry's email alerts go the extra mile to make troubleshooting faster and more effective by providing additional context. Footers provide a status of the monitored host, security codes are automatically translated, performance alerts include embedded visual charts - and more.

Email Alerts

Security Event Correlation

Windows security events are notoriously difficult to decipher and correlate manually. EventSentry compliance tracking component automatically normalizes a number of Windows security events to provide you with easy-to-understand reports that make sense right away. In addition, failure & kerberos error codes are automatically explained, and IP addresses contained in events are resolved and geoip data is added.

Web-Based Reporting & API

A modern, sleek reporting engine that works across all major browsers and mobile devices provides easy access to all logs and metrics. Beautiful & illustrative dashboards can present data from different vantage points, an extensive API provides easy access to third party applications.

Web Reports

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