Full spectrum monitoring

Full Spectrum Monitoring

Many Challenges. One Flexible Solution.

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Unlimited Data

Collect and archive as much data as you can store - for one price.


EventSentry is competitively priced and includes one full year of email & phone support.

No Sensor Limit

Monitor as many metrics per host as you wish - EventSentry is licensed per host.

Log Management

Receive critical alerts or consolidate all your logs in one place with real-time event log, log file and Syslog monitoring. Sophisticated rule sets ensure you only get the alerts you need, and our powerful web-based reporting gives you a unique insight into all of your logs.

Server Health

Monitors all critical server components to prevent outages before they ripple through your infrastructure. Important system data is collected for real-time dashboards as well as capacity planning. Unique software and hardware inventory options sweeten the deal.

Network Monitoring

Monitor any IP-based device such as routers, switches and Linux/BSD hosts via PING, TCP and SNMP. Respond to critical SNMP traps and monitor & collect any numerical SNMP counter. Our ARP monitoring component lets you know when new network devices appear on your LAN and tracks them.


Takes the pain and complexity out of compliance and helps you with a variety of government and industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA and more. Powerful reporting with scheduled jobs make compliance easy and useful. EventSentry helps you become compliant with minimal effort and great flexibility.

Case Studies


How Siemens relies on EventSentry for dependable Log, Network, and Service Monitoring

Greeneville City Schools

How EventSentry provides reliable tech to nearly 3,000 students across 6 schools.

East Alabama Medical Center

How East Alabama Medical Center depends on EventSentry to stay healthy


How EventSentry helps National Motor Freight Traffic Association avoid network breakdowns

Centralized Reporting in Real-time

EventSentry gives you a complete view of your network. From searchable logs to the current performance status of each system, you will have the answers.

Network Status

Network Status

Network Status

Network Status

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A Few of our Customers

  • Ferrara Candy Company
  • EMCA
  • Otter Tail Power Company
  • Choctaw Nation
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

"Monitoring server event logs is fundamental to maintaining a secure and healthy Windows network. But for firms running more than a couple of servers, this review process is tedious and expensive in…" >> READ MORE  

David Copper (Claimbase Ltd.)

"As long as you guys keep making great stuff at a great price, we will keep ordering." >> READ MORE  

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