Exporting, Importing and Saving the Configuration

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Exporting, Importing and Saving the Configuration

The entire EventSentry configuration is stored in the registry and can be easily exported / imported. This might be useful when you have multiple installations of EventSentry behind a firewall. Exporting the configuration on a regular basis is highly recommended for backup purposes. Alternatively you can also save the configuration as a HTML file for documentation purposes.



This feature is only supported when connected to the local machine.



To export the configuration into a .reg registry file either right-click the computer object and choose Export Configuration



or choose Export from the Home tab.



You are then prompted to specify a file name where the configuration will be saved. This file can then be imported to another computer that also runs EventSentry.



To import the configuration to a target computer you will first have to transfer the previously created .reg file to the target computer. You can then either


Open the EventSentry GUI and, as described under Exporting above, either right-click the computer object and select Import Configuration or choose Import from the File menu. The GUI will be closed for the change to take effect.


Double-click the .reg file in explorer to import it into the registry. Please note that the GUI (eventsentry_gui.exe) has to be closed when you import the configuration as the imported settings might otherwise be overwritten by the GUI.


Saving the Configuration

To save the entire EventSentry configuration in a HTML file, select "Save as Html" option the Home tab. All configuration options, with the exception of GUI settings from the Tools -> Options dialogs, will then be written to the specified file which can be opened in any major web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Please note that you cannot import the configuration from a .html file at a later time, this can only be accomplished if you export the configuration (see above).