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Blocking Package Inheritance

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Starting with version 2.90 it is possible to exclude one or more computers from global or group package assignments.


This is useful for example when you have a global package that applies to 99% of all computers, or a package assigned to a group which applies to all computers in the group with a small number of exceptions.


While it is possible to change the global or group-based assignments by assigning the package to computers directly, this runs the risk of new computers not being assigned the correct package. Instead, you can keep the global or group-based assignments and simply exclude the computers you do not wish to assign the package to.


To block inheritance for a global or group-based package assignment, expand the Computer Groups containers and navigate to the computer for which you wish to block the inheritance. Right-click the computer and select Assign Package(s)... . The resulting dialog will show you all packages that are assigned to this computer, with inherited packages being displayed in bold. To block inheritance, simply clear the check box next to the (bold) inherited package, as shown for the Services for Vista Win2k8 package below:



Blocking Inheritance



Keep in mind that blocked packages are associated with the computer item, and remain blocked even when the inherited package is toggled to be global or group-based package.