Confirmations & Prompts

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Confirmations & Prompts

To avoid accidental deletions, EventSentry will prompt you before actions are taken such as before a filter or group is deleted. The screenshot below shows the available confirmation options:





Get confirmation before ...


... deleting a filter

will prompt you before a filter is deleted

... deleting a group

will prompt you before a group (including all health, filter and computer objects) is deleted

... deleting a action

will prompt you before an action is deleted

... deleting multiple computers

will prompt you before all computers or all computers in a group are removed

... updating local service

will prompt you before the local service is updated resulting in a possible restart of the service


Test Email Customization

When clicking the Test button in the SMTP action dialog, EventSentry sends a test email to the configured email address(es) in English. The contents of this test email can be customized. Customizing the default text can be helpful to avoid confusion or provide a translation into a local language.