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Page Features

Some pages exhibit unique features which are described below:


Status - Heartbeat

To view the network availability of one more host, switch to the detailed view and review the Uptime, Downtime, Elapsed Time and Availability columns.


Status - Performance

By default, the detailed view of the performance status page shows the most recently collected value of a performance counter. If the time range is changed from "Current" to a specific time range like "Today", the average value from all values collected over that time period will be calculated instead.


Logs - Delimited Log Files

Delimited log files are associated with a log file definition which needs to be selected in order to map the collected data correctly. Since log file definitions changes can affect output, EventSentry keeps a history of all revisions. To view data which was collected with a revision other than the current, the correct revision will need to be selected. Revisions are counted sequentially, with the first (oldest) revision being revision 1.


Compliance - Processes

The "Duration" column in the detailed view supports the range operator in the query field. For example, duration:[180 TO *] will only show processes which ran for 3 minutes or longer.


Compliance - Policy Changes - Audit Policy

On Windows 2003 and earlier, lists all the 9 available policy categories and their effective values for both success and failure. Windows 2008 and later contain significantly more auditing categories than earlier versions of Windows, and as such only the categories whose values have changed are listed. As such, the Subcategory and Subcategory GUID fields contain detailed information about the changed policy.


Compliance - Policy Changes - Trust Relationships

The "SID Filtering" column indicates whether SID Filtering is enabled or not for the trust.


History - Uptime

The uptime history is updated by the agent after a server or workstation is rebooted or powered on. As such, the uptime report will not reflect the current uptime of a host - review the Inventory - Computer page instead.


Inventory - Computer

The computer inventory page shows detailed hardware information about a host, including model & serial numbers, installed memory, controllers and network cards, hard drives and much more. The "Software" tab is currently only available on Windows hosts which are monitored with an agent.


Hardware by DELL, HP or IBM

A warranty field will show when the warranty of a computer has or will expire, including additional information about the type of warranty available for that computer. If the vendor's management software (e.g. DELL OpenView) is installed, then additional information about server components like power supplies, system fans, temperature sensors and more is available on the Managed Hardware tab.


Non-Windows Hosts monitored via SNMP

Only the "Hardware" tab is available on hosts monitored through SNMP, and only a subset of the information will be displayed compared to Windows hosts monitored with an agent.