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All pages returning data in textual form (e.g. event log data, syslog data, SNMP data, file checksum data etc.) provide both a "Summary" and "Details" view of the data. The summary view groups data from all relevant data fields to provide an overview of recent data collected by the currently selected feature.


On pages displaying historical data (opposed to pages showing current data, like "Performance Status") the summary view also provides a time line to visualize the distribution of data over the last 24 hours.


Summary / Detailed

Click these buttons to toggle between summary and detailed view. Any custom query you specified will be apply to both views. Click the "Last Hour" drop-down to change the time period for the current report.


Export Options

Data can be exported in the CSV (comma separated values), XML and PDF format. You can also save the current view as a report "Save as report" so that you can quickly generate the same exact view again at a later time. Reports can also be scheduled.


Group Headers

Click on any group header to switch to the "group output" page which will display a pie or stacked bar chart.


Including Items

Clicking on an item will update the query and reload the page so that only records matching that item will be returned.


Excluding Items

When hovering over an item in the summary view, a little X will appear next to the text. Clicking on the "X" will refresh the page and exclude this item.


The bottom right shows the load time of the page.