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Clicking on "Details" will switch from the "Summary" to the "Details" view.



Output on the detailed view is paginated where up to 500 records can be displayed on a single page. If more records than can fit on a single page are available, a "Next" (and "Previous" button on pages 2 and higher) button will be displayed. The total number of pages is not available since only one result set at the time is being retrieved from the database.


Customizing Output

The visibility of columns can be toggled with the "Columns" button, and output can be sorted by any available field in ascending or descending order.


Viewing Record Details

When available, record details can be expanded by clicking the blue double-arrow button as shown below. When viewing event log data, event log record details can also be viewed by clicking on the double window icon.


Export Options

Data can either be exported for the current page (as available on top left), or for the entire (non-visible) result set. Data can be exported in CSV, XML, JSON, RSS and PDF format (PDF format is only available for the current page).