Feature Specific Trend Pages

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Feature Specific Trend Pages




All available sensors (Temperature, Humidity or both) are shown below the host name, including their most current readings.


The unit of measurement for temperature can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius.



Disk Space


All monitored drives are shown below the host name, including the volume name, percentage of disk space used and the total disk space of the volume on the right hand side.


The charts can be configured to:


Show used space or free space available

Display percent or size


Dynamic vs Static

"Static" will show the full range on the Y axis (e.g. 0 - 100% when choosing "Percent"), whereas "Dynamic" will dynamically scale the Y axis based on the data shown in the chart.





All performance counters available on the selected host, including their most recent values, are shown below the host name.


Performance counters with multiple instances can be clicked, which will expand and show all available instances. Instances or counters which are in an alerted state will show in red.


Clicking on "Counter" will switch to the performance-counter centric view, which shows the performance history of one or more computers of a counter in one chart.



You can zoom into a chart by selecting a subset of the chart with the mouse. Simply click the beginning of the time range with the left mouse button, keep it pressed, and move the mouse to the right, releasing the left mouse button when the desired range has been selected.




Response Times


Select a host to view the ping response time of the select time period.