Is Windows Vista supported?

Article ID: 128
Category: General
Applies to: 2.72
Created: 2007-03-23

Starting with the latest build of EventSentry 2.72, you can monitor Windows Vista machines with the EventSentry agent.

Microsoft introduced a new interface to the event log with Windows Vista, but also included a legacy interface to make the revised event log compatible with pre-Vista applications. EventSentry uses this interface to monitor computers running Windows Vista.

Full support for the new Vista event log is planned for the 2.90 release of EventSentry in 2007.

Note that the legacy interface provided in Vista does not fully support the correct formatting of all events logged in Windows Vista. NETIKUS.NET added several work-arounds to EventSentry to format all events correctly, however a very small number of events might not be formatted correctly until v2.90 is released.