Please see below for a list of scheduled releases of EventSentry. Any changes to a future release, such as a release date change or feature change will be posted here.

Version: 3.4
Released: Beta 14th September 2017 : Available Now
  • Identify out-of-date software for 60+ software applications (more to come) on your network
  • Review status of active audit policies on all monitored hosts
  • Additional feature for Ransomware detection (MBR monitoring, File entropy calculation)
  • View all activity by a specific user in the web reports
  • Additional Syslog output formats for Graylog, Nagios Log Server, CEF & JSON
  • Improved disk space alerts automatically show largest folders and files
  • NetFlow: Bandwidth monitoring
  • Monitoring of UPS devices (attached via USB) and batteries

Version: 3.5
Scheduled Release: February 2018
  • Active Directory Monitoring Component:
    Monitor all AD objects down to attribute level
    Monitor Group Policy changes
    Report on idle/disabled users, domain admins and more
    Monitoring works regardless of audit settings

The above roadmap is subject to change without notice.