EventSentry Roadmap

Please see below for a list of scheduled releases of EventSentry. Any changes to a future release, such as a release date change or feature change will be posted here.

Version: 5.0.1
Released: April 6th, 2022

Improved Monitoring of Non-Windows hosts via SSH

Daemon/service monitoring
Improved host inventory

64-bit Installer

PostgreSQL v14

Web Reports
Performance update

Increased backend response time and optimized memory usage


Additional visualizations

Look & Feel

Overall usability improvements


Support for RADIUS authentication

Group / Computer Inventory

Group and computer inventory will be available in addition to the user inventory


All ADMonitor processes are now 64-bit

Management Console
Microsoft LAPS Integration

Remote update can utilize LAPS credentials stored in AD

Process Monitoring

Processes listed under process (and netstat) monitoring now include the full process path and SHA256 checksum with link to VirusTotal

Disk Space Monitoring

Limits can now be overwritten on a per-host basis

The above roadmap is subject to change without notice