EventSentry Roadmap

Please see below for a list of scheduled releases of EventSentry. Any changes to a future release, such as a release date change or feature change will be posted here.

Version: 5.1
Beta Released: October 2nd, 2023
Official Released: October 31st, 2023

Anomaly Detection

Detect previously unseen patterns, such as new logons, processes and more

Collector support for ADMonitor

ADMonitor no longer requires a direct SQL connection and can send data to a remote collector

Multiple Database Action Support

System Health & Compliance Tracking features can now store data in multiple databases

Improved Host Inventory

Now includes bios type, additional physical memory details, AD path

Permission Inventory

Inventory file permissions (ACLs) of select directories, with search and reporting support


EventSentry tray icon now includes network activity and an Internet Test function

Web Reports
Web-based maintenance wizard

Schedule database purge and granular maintenance jobs from the web reports

Management Console
Insertion String Visualization

Insertion strings from security events are now resolved to descriptive names in many locations

Improved package updates

Packages can now be refreshed without requiring a lengthy registry download & update

Improved Configuration Management

Saving the configuration will document which packages and/or actions have been changed. Fewer prompts to save the configuration when no changes were made.

The above roadmap is subject to change without notice