Why Monitor With EventSentry?

How EventSentry differentiates itself from the competition

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There are plenty of network, server and log monitoring products on the market today, and so the question is obvious: How does EventSentry compare to other monitoring solutions? We compiled a list of key factors to point out where EventSentry differentiates itself from the competition. Of course we encourage you to download a free trial to see for yourself.

1. Free Support & Updates for one full year

Unlike many other vendors we offer free telephone and email support for one full year after the date of purchase. Free updates include all releases of the version you purchased (e.g. if you purchase v2.90, then you can upgrade to v3.0 for free) and not just bug fix releases. You can always purchase additional support and updates for a small percentage of the original purchase price, please see Pricing for current rates.

2. Affordable Prices

All of our software products are reasonably priced, and to make things even better we offer a free but limited edition of EventSentry called EventSentry Light. We also offer additional discounts for non-profit and educational institutions.

3. Quality Assurance for the lifetime of the product

If you find a bug in EventSentry, even after your support and updates have expired, we will send you a fix or a new version at no charge.

4. Extended Trial Period

We have seen trial periods as short as two weeks, but how can you evaluate a complex software product in just 15 days? Our trial period is 30 day, enough time to evaluate the product even when you are busy. Do you need more than 30 days? Simply send an email to sales@netikus.net to get an extension. You are also eligible for email and phone support during your evaluation.

5. Fast and Professional Support

We do not use this phrase lightly. We do offer exceptionally fast and efficient support and solve most support issues in less than one hour; more complex scenarios (e.g. fixing bugs) can take ~48 hours. Contacting support is as easy as sending email to support@netikus.net, calling 1-877-NETIKUS or filling out our support form.

6. Straightforward Features and Pricing

EventSentry does not have any plug-in modules and all features are included in one version. As such, you get all features when you purchase EventSentry.

7. Responsive to Customer Suggestions

We take customer feedback very seriously. In fact, many of our new features have originated from suggestions and ideas sent to us from future or existing customers. If you would like to see a feature not currently present in EventSentry (and not in the roadmap) then send an email to support@netikus.net with your idea(s) and suggestions.

8. One Email, One Phone Number

No matter what problem or question you have about EventSentry, the solution or answer is only one phone call or email away. Simply write to support@netikus.net or call 1-877-NETIKUS and we will be more than happy to assist you promptly.