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EventSentry is not only the easiest and most flexible event log, system health and network monitoring solution, it is also the most affordable one.

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Full Licenses

Windows Server or Workstation

USD $85.00 per Windows device

Network Device Licenses

Includes FREE year of maintenance
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ADMonitor User Objects

Active Directory Change Monitoring

NetFlow Licenses

NetFlow v1,v5,v9 and sFlow


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Perpetual License

You own it, no subscription

No Data Limit

Collect all the data

Quick On-premise Install

Installation takes 5-10 minutes

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Affordable Maintenance

20% of the current list price

Competitive Discounts

Are you dissatisfied with your current monitoring product and ready to switch to a more powerful and affordable monitoring solution that offers superior customer service at the same time? Many of our users made the switch and are not looking back. Request a quote or contact our sales team to get special upgrade pricing; proof of purchase required.

EventSentry Training

Supercharge your EventSentry installation with an on-site training session by an EventSentry professional. In addition to teaching you about EventSentry's features, our engineer will optimize your EventSentry installation towards your unique environment so you can get the best possible monitoring experience.


If you have previously purchased EventSentry licenses and your maintenance expired more than 90 days ago, then you can purchase an upgrade for 35% of the current purchase price. For example, if you purchased a 10-host license 3 years ago but did not renew your support and updates, then you can purchase a 10-host license for USD 244.30. Please contact support if you wish to purchase an upgrade.

60-Day Refund Policy

If an EventSentry feature advertised by NETIKUS.NET ltd does not work as described and you report this problem within 60 days after the day of purchase (see or the Help document for details on features) then you will get your money back if NETIKUS.NET ltd is not able to provide a fix within 20 working days.

Environment Monitoring

HWg-STE Ethernet Temp Sensor $239.00 add to cart
HWg-STE Ethernet Temp+Humidity Sensor $349.00 add to cart
Temperature Sensor $49.00 add to cart
Humidity Sensor $109.00 add to cart
Motion Sensor $119.00 add to cart
Smoke Sensor $119.00 add to cart
Water Sensor $89.00 add to cart
Temperature and Humidity USB Sensor $139.00 add to cart
1-Port Serial Adapter $30.00 add to cart
2-Port Serial Adapter $59.00 add to cart
4-Port Serial Adapter $109.00 add to cart
Extension Coupler (RJ45) for Environment Sensors $3.00 add to cart

NETIKUS.NET has been awarded GSA contract #GS-35F-0170U, and all government agencies eligible to use GSA sources for services and supply may purchase EventSentry software licenses through GSA Advantage! ©. Please contact us or request a quote for more information on GSA pricing.