EventSentry offers native Active Directory and Group Policy change monitoring

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Active Directory Monitoring with ADMonitor

EventSentry can monitor all changes to Active Directory and Group Policy objects down to the attribute level with ADMonitor, an optional Add-On.

Since Active Directory is a central database that stores all users, groups and computer objects of an organization, tracking all activity is crucial in order to maintain a secure network. Idle users and undetected changes can seriously compromise the security of a Windows domain.

Monitoring Active Directory changes using the security event log however is difficult, inefficient and cumbersome. ADMonitor solves this problem by monitoring Active Directory directly - with little reliance on the security event log.

ADMonitor offers:

  • Show all object changes down to the attribute level
  • User inventory that Identifies idle accounts, disabled accounts, stagnant passwords and more
  • Group Policy changes with before and after value
  • Extensive reporting and alerts
  • Password Expiration Reminder Emails

ADMonitor completely integrates with EventSentry and is usually setup in less than 2 minutes.

EventSentry ADMonitor Demo

Built-In Functionality vs ADMonitor

Feature EventSentry Built-In EventSentry ADMonitor
Detect User & Group Changes Yes Yes
Detect Any Attribute Change No Yes
Before & After Values No Yes
Requires Detailed Auditing Yes No
Monitor Group Policy Changes No Yes
Identify Problematic AD User Accounts No Yes
Detect Local (Non-AD) User & Group Changes Yes No
Password Expiration Reminder Emails No Yes
Licensed Separately No Yes

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