I'm trying to apply a license key to EventSentry v3.1 or later, but the management console does not accept the key and states that it is invalid

Article ID: 280
Category: General
Applies to: 3.1 and later
Updated: 2015-06-24

A new licensing engine was introduced in EventSentry v3.1, and license keys issued for EventSentry v3.0 or earlier (those license keys are usually 56 characters in length) will no longer work in EventSentry v3.1 and later.

You can migrate your legacy license keys to the new v3.1 license keys under two circumstances:

  1. You have an active maintenance agreement
  2. Your maintenance agreement expired after the version of EventSentry you are trying to install was released

To convert your license key(s), navigate to https://store.netikus.net/account and log in with the primary account holders email address and password. Once logged in, click the "License Keys" link and follow the instructions.