Sending Heartbeat alerts for different groups to different recipients

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Category: Heartbeat Monitoring
Updated: 2020-04-17

In larger network environments different groups of computers/servers are managed by separate groups. For example, you have Exchange servers managed by your Exchange team and Database servers managed by your Database team. If an Exchange server goes down then the database team does not need to be notified.

We can use the default heartbeat alert filters and replace the recipients with a variable to route email alerts to the appropriate recipients depending on group membership:

  • Go to Tools > Variables > Add
  • Variable Name: HEARTBEATALERT
  • Value:
    • Note: This will be the default value for the variable if it's not overwritten on a per-host basis
  • Then, click on your "Heartbeat Alert" action and replace the content in the recipients' field with $HEARTBEATALERT
  • Clicking the Sent Test Email should result in a successful email
  • Under Computer Groups, right-click on a groups and select Set Variables...
  • Double-click on the HEARTBEATALERT variable and override the value with a new email address or add another by separating with a comma. For example,,
  • Repeat this for every group that needs heartbeat alerts to go to different recipients.
  • Save your configuration by going to Home > Save

    Vid.1: Setting Heartbeat Variable for sending alerts for different groups