Evaluating EventSentry in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with EventSentry Test Drive

Article ID: 456
Category: Installation
Applies to: and later
Updated: 2021-06-10

A convenient way to fully evaluate EventSentry without the need to download & install EventSentry in your environment is by utilizing our EventSentry Test Drive feature in AWS.

EventSentry Test Drive provides you with a fully functional Windows Server 2019 instance that has EventSentry with your evaluation license already pre-installed. All you need to do to get started is connect via RDP!


EventSentry test drive is available to any evaluation user who registered with a corporate email address.

How it works

After requesting your evaluation and indicating interest in utilizing AWS, simply click the activation link in the confirmation email to navigate to the activation page. There you can officially request your test drive instance, and optionally secure your test drive instance by only allowing your external IP address access.


Once the instance has been created and started, you will receive an email with the hostname and login credentials.


The test drive instance will be available during your evaluation period and will be automatically discarded when the evaluation period has expired. The EventSentry configuration can be exported to transfer the settings to a different host prior to termination.


The test drive instance offers access to all features with the exception of ADMonitor which requires a domain-joined machine.


The test drive instance will be terminated if it is not being accessed for a period of 7 days. User will receive a warning email prior to termination that will provide instructions on how to keep the instance alive.

The test drive instance may also be terminated if abusive behavior, including but not limited to the following, is detected:

  • Excessive bandwith usage
  • Scanning activity
  • Distribution of malware
  • Utilizing the instance for any illegal activity