After upgrading EventSentry, the uptime calculation page does not work properly and some or all hosts are missing

Article ID: 59
Category: Heartbeat Monitoring
Applies to: 2.60 and higher
Updated: 2011-06-29

To resolve this problem you will need to stop the EventSentry Heartbeat agent and delete the temporary file used by the service. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the EventSentry management application
  2. Click on "Service Control"
  3. Click the stop in the "Heartbeat Agent Control" area
  4. Using the find option of Windows, locate the file "eventsentry_hb_v260_status.tmp". This file is located in the %TEMP% folder of the user account the heartbeat agent service is running under. When searching for the file make sure that include searching for HIDDEN and SYSTEM files.
  5. Delete or rename the file.
  6. Start the service again by clicking on start in the "Heartbeat Agent Control" area

After the service was started you should see the correct uptime displayed.