Can EventSentry send a SMS (text message) alerts?

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asked Jun 2, 2017 in EventSentry by Ryan (830 points)
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answered Jun 22, 2017 by Ingmar (6,380 points)
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Yes, EventSentry can send text message in a variety of ways and supports the following:

  1. If text messages are delivered via an email gateway (the most cost-effective way), then you can customize (and minimize) the output to ensure that only plain text is sent.
  2. EventSentry comes with a list of pre-defined email aliases for a number of cell phone providers world-wide when sending text messages via an email gateway
  3. Text messages can also be sent via third-party hardware which sends text messages directly over a cell connection (more info, more info #2).
  4. Finally, the HTTP as well as process action type can be used to integrate with other hardware or third-party scripts/executables which can send text messages directly
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