How do I REINDEX the built-in EventSentry database?

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If you are running the built-in PostgreSQL database you can perform maintenance using the pgAdmin III administration and management tool, which is included with EventSentry.

Running the REINDEX maintenance command in PostgreSQL will rebuild all indexes using current data and replace the old copy of the index. There are several scenarios in which to use REINDEX:

  • An index has become corrupted and no longer contains valid data.
  • An index has become fragmented over an extended period of time.
  • An index has become “bloated” in size and contains many empty or nearly-empty pages.


REINDEX using pgAdmin III:

1. Launch the pgAdmin3.exe utility found in the EventSentry installation folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\EventSentry\postgresql\bin\pgAdmin3.exe

2. Connect and login with the postgres account

3. Right-click the EventSentry database and select Maintenance
    pgAdmin III Maintenance option

4. Select REINDEX
    pgAdmin III REINDEX option

5. Click OK run the REINDEX command

[Depending on the size of your database this action may take a considerable amount of time.]


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