PowerShell: v2 should not be installed / enabled



  • Start "Server Manager".
  • Select the server with the feature.
  • Scroll down to "ROLES AND FEATURES" in the right pane.
  • Select "Remove Roles and Features" from the drop-down "TASKS" list.
  • Select the appropriate server on the "Server Selection" page and click "Next".
  • Deselect "Windows PowerShell 2.0 Engine" under "Windows PowerShell" on the "Features" page.
  • Click "Next" and "Remove" as prompted.

Also, from powershell command line (running as Administrator) run:
Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName MicrosoftWindowsPowerShellV2Root

Stig Server: https://www.stigviewer.com/stig/windows_server_2016/2019-01-16/finding/V-73301
Stig Desktop: https://www.stigviewer.com/stig/windows_10/2019-01-04/finding/V-70637