EventSentry vs Light version

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  EventSentry EventSentry Light
SMTP Notification
Syslog Notification
SNMP Notification, SNPP Notification
Text File Notification (Plain Text, (X)HTML, CSV)
Database Notification (ODBC) -
HTTP Posts
Network Notification (aka "net send")
Process Notification
Sound Notification, Desktop Notification
Jabber Notification
Shutdown Notification, Service Control Notification
Parallel Printer Notification
Filter (Event Log Monitoring) Options
Event Log Packages
Filter Timers
Monitor Directory Service, File Replication Server and DNS Server logs
Monitor custom event logs
Filtering based on Event log, severity, ID, source, category and text
Filtering based on weekday and time of day
Recurring Events
Summary notifications
Log File Monitoring
Monitor non-delimited text files
Monitor delimited text files -
Consolidate text files to database -
System Health Features
System Health Packages
Service and Driver Monitoring
Application Scheduler
Event Log Backup / Clear
Full event log detection
Process Memory Monitoring
Disk Space Monitoring
Directory Size Monitoring
Software Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
File Change Monitoring
Network Services
NetFlow -
Syslog Daemon event log only
SNMP Traps Daemon event log only
ARP Daemon event log only
Compliance Features
Process -
Logon -
Print -
File Access -
Account Management -
Policy Change -
Audit Policy Status -
General Features
Process messages that occur during a server/workstation boot (Boot Scan)
Resubmit events if delivery was unsuccessful SMTP only
No server restart required after service installation
Configuration changes do not require a service restart
Remote service administration -
Remote Update ((Un)Install,update,configure,control remote installations) 5 max
Import & Link to Active Directory feature for remote update
Syslog Daemon log to event log only
SNMP Trap Daemon log to event log only
View remote event logs in management application
Import / Export configuration feature
Custom Variable Support
Heartbeat Monitoring
Environment Monitoring
Eligible for email and telephone support -
Eligible for support at our Help Center
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