When trying to view the web reports in a Non-US language (e.g. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) then some characters don't show up correctly in the web reports. This problem only occurs on Microsoft SQL Server, not with MySQL.

Article ID: 111
Category: Web Reports
Applies to: 2.93 and older
Updated: 2016-11-11

This usually happens when the locale / character set of the host where IIS is installed differs from that of the language being recorded in the Microsoft SQL Server database.

You will also need to make sure that the collation type (collation name) of the database is set correctly. Remember that you can set the collation type only when first creating the database.

For example, if IIS is running on an English Windows server running IIS, but records are being recorded from a Korean Windows installation, then the Korean records in the event details will not display correctly.

To resolve this problem, append the following text to the connection string used in the WebReportsConfig.xml file either using the Profile Editor or a text editor:


When using the profile editor, append it to the text in the ODBC DSN / Connection String: section, when using a text editor change the ODBCDSN section in the XML file directly.