How can I find out which port my EventSentry database is listening on?

Article ID: 115
Category: Database
Created: 2006-11-08

Microsoft SQL Server 2000

  • Open Enterprise Manager and locate the server name / instance name under the SQL Server Group container.
  • Right-click the server/instance name and select Properties.
  • On the General tab, click Network Configuration
  • Under Enabled Protocols, click TCP/IP and select Properties. The resulting dialog will show you the port number.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (also applies to SQL Server 2005 Express)

  • Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager and expand the SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration container.
  • There, double-click TCP/IP under Protocols for SQLEXPRESS, where SQLEXPRESS is the name of the instance.
  • On the IP Addresses tab, note down the number next to TCP Dynamic Ports in the IPAll section.