I am updating my database server to a newer version and I need to move my EventSentry database from my old database server to the new one.

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Category: Database
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2018-11-08

If you need to relocate you would have to install SQL on your new system and to move your database, you would have to detach it from your old system (to do this you would need to stop all of your agents from writing to this database so it is not in use), and move it to the new system and then re-attach it.

Once your database is running on your new server you will need to run one of the following since the new SQL Server will not have the EventSentry user accounts:

Version 2.93+:
Go to your database action in the EventSentry management console and click the "Initialize or Update Database" button.

Version 2.92 or earlier
The "Database Setup Wizard" can be found from the Management Console by selecting "Tools" -> "Utilities" -> "Database Setup Wizard". Follow the steps to update the database, then update your database action with the new server name.

This will create the "eventsentry_svc" and "eventsentry_web" user accounts which are used to write to and read from the database.

Your new database is now ready to be used, simply save and push your updated configuration out to your remote systems.

You can then modify your web reports profile to point to the new location of your database so you will be able to view this updated information in your web reports.