Does EventSentry support Nessus 4.x?

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Category: Usage
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2012-01-26

Yes, you can use the nessus.exe command line tool included with Nessus 4.x to run and export the results to a NBE file, which can subsequently be imported into an EventSentry database. Please note that exporting results into the NBE format is only available in the Nessus command line utility.

Nessus Command Line Interface:

This will run a scan for all hosts listed in the hosts.txt file and save the results to results.nbe.
nessus.exe -q -x -T nbe localhost 1241 localuser <password> hosts.txt results.nbe

EventSentry Nessus Import Utility:

This command will import results.nbe to the MSSQL database action in EventSentry.
%programfiles%\EventSentry\Database Wizards\es_db_nessus_import.exe -da=MSSQL -f=results.nbeIf no parameters are declared, a graphical import utility will be launched:
%programfiles%\EventSentry\Database Wizards\es_db_nessus_import.exe