Some of the default performance counters which ship with EventSentry do not work on our systems which are in German?

Article ID: 236
Category: Configuration
Applies to: 2.93.1
Updated: 2018-11-08

EventSentry ships with a variety of default packages, all of which are optimized for systems installed in English. Efforts are underway to support other languages as well for built-in performance counters, however for the time a performance counter package for German systems has been made available. The package (.reg file) can be downloaded from here:

Please follow the instructions below on how to install this supplemental system health package:

  1. Download the above file to a temporary folder
  2. In the management console, right-click "Packages" and select "Import Packages ..."
  3. Select the check box next to the only package listed
  4. Confirm by clicking on "OK" and verify that "Performance System German" was imported
  5. Un-assign the existing "Performance System" from any German system
  6. Assign the new "Performance System German" package to German systems
  7. Push the configuration to the affected remote hosts