You are unable to store authentication credentials due to a delegation error.

Article ID: 286
Category: Management Console
Applies to: and newer
Created: 2015-09-29

If you attempt to store authentication credentials in the EventSentry Management Console and receive the following error:

The requested operation cannot be completed. The computer must be trusted for delegation and the current user account must be configured to allow delegation.

This indicates that either the EventSentry Management Console server, or the account currently logged onto the operating system on that server, is not trusted for delegation. This prevents access to the operating system encryption functions that are used to store authentication, and thus the error above is generated. You must resolve this condition before you are able to store authentication credentials in EventSentry.

1) Examine the user account and computer account delegation settings to ensure that they are trusted for delegation, and that the accounts are not marked as "Account is sensitive..." which disables delegation. For more information, please see:

2) If the account logged onto the operating system is an Active Directory account, please ensure that the EventSentry Management Console server can access all of the necessary Netlogon ports between itself and the Domain Controller servers in the Active Directory domain. For more information about the ports used for Netlogon, please search for "Netlogon" inside the following article: