I am using IIS, but when trying to view the web reports I always get a "HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found" even though I know for sure that the page does exist.

Article ID: 29
Category: Web Reports
Created: 2005-01-21

If you have verified that the page(s) you are trying to access does indeed exist, then this error is being displayed because the ASP component is missing in your IIS installation. Please see the instructions below to add the ASP component to your IIS installation.

Windows Server 2003

  • Go to Start - Settings - Control Panel
  • Open "Add or Remove Programs"
  • Click on "Add/Remove Windows Components"
  • Select "Application Server" and click "Details"
  • Select "Internet Information Services (IIS)" and click "Details"
  • Select "World Wide Web Service" and click "Details"
  • Make sure that "Active Server Pages" is installed. Check the box next to it, if it is not installed
  • Click OK - OK - OK - "Next"

Windows Server 2008

  • Go to Start - Settings - Control Panel
  • Open "Administrative Tools"
  • Open "Server Manager"
  • Expand the left-hand treeview in Server Manager and click Manage Roles, and then Web Server (IIS)
  • On the right hand side, make sure that ASP is listed as Installed. If it is not, click "Add Role Services" and add ASP.

The pages should display properly after the ASP component was added.