When running a query on the search page on IIS 6.0 and later I get the following error: "Response Buffer Limit Exceeded". How can I increase the buffer without narrowing my search?

Article ID: 30
Category: Web Reports
Applies to: v2.93.1 and earlier
Updated: 2013-10-15

The buffer can be increased by changing the AspBufferingLimit setting in Metabase.xml to a larger size. The default value is 4194304, which is about 4 MB.

* Stop IIS
* Locate the file %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Inetsrv\Metabase.xml
* Modify the AspBufferingLimit value
* Restart IIS

IIS 7 (or higher):
* Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
* Locate the Web Site or Virtual Directory running EventSentry
* Click the ASP Feature
* Increase Limits Properties > Response Buffering Limit
* Restart IIS