Can EventSentry send a SMS (text message) alert?

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Category: Notifications
Updated: 2018-11-08

EventSentry can send alerts via SMS in two different ways:

1. Email Gateways
Most mobile (cell) phone providers offer an email to cell phone gateway, where every cell phone essentially has an email address associated with it. Any emails sent to this email address will be sent directly to the mobile phone as a SMS message.

While this is the most convenient way to send alerts to a cell phone, it is also the most unreliable. Alerts sent this way still assume that all email and Internet services are functioning properly, and require that the mobile phone provider supports an email to SMS gateway.

The EventSentry Management Console contains approximately 40 presets for the most common mobile providers which offer email to SMS gateways. When configuring an email action, simply click on the cell phone icon next to the recipient field.

2. Hardware Solutions
A few companies offer dedicated hardware which can send SMS alerts directly via GSM, which means that alerts will reach the phone even when both email and Internet services are unavailable. We recommend SMSEagle and you can read our blog article here. However, EventSentry can integrate with any hardware device if it offers a web API or a command line utility.

The disadvantage of hardware solutions is mainly the cost and time it takes to configure the device.