The Heartbeat Status or Management Console report "the network path was not found" or "The RPC server is unavailable"

Article ID: 302
Category: Management Console
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2016-03-08

Both the Heartbeat agent and the Management Console attempt to connect to the service control manager running on a remote host in order to query the status of, or to manage the remote EventSentry service.

The errors "The network path was not found" or "The RPC server is unavailable" can mean one of the following:

  • The remote host has its firewall enabled and remote connections are rejected or ignored.
  • The remote host is turned off or otherwise unreachable.
  • A name lookup (e.g. DNS) for the specified host name was unsuccessful.

In order to successfully connect to the remote host, you can try one of the following:

  • Ping the remote host's hostname or IP address. If a ping fails (but shouldn't) then try to ping the IP address instead of the host name. If the ping succeeds, review the DNS settings or specify the IP address for the host in the EventSentry management console. Performing a ping can also ensure that name resolution works correctly.
  • Attempt to access the remote ADMIN$ share of the host, e.g. \\SERVER1\ADMIN$. Accessing the remote ADMIN$ share is important when deploying or upgrading the agent.
  • Open the services application (services.msc) and attempt to connect to the remote host.

If you can access the ADMIN$ share of the remote host and connect using the "Services" application in Windows, then EventSentry should have no difficulties managing the remote host.