Is it possible to autoupdate or schedule remote configuration deployments?

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Category: Configuration
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2018-11-08

Yes, EventSentry includes a Remote Update (eventsentry_upd.exe) command line utility that will allow you to automate the remote update process. You can schedule the update using the Windows Task Scheduler and assure that all of your agents are always running with the latest up-to-date configuration. The utility also has an optional flag to update any remote agents that are out of date, notably after a patch or new version has been applied.

By default the utility is located in the EventSentry folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\EventSentry>eventsentry_upd.exe

Remote Update Utility for EventSentry 
Command-line utility to push configuration changes and updated
agents to hosts monitored by EventSentry.

Command-line syntax:
eventsentry_upd.exe [/computer:HOSTNAME | /group:GROUPNAME | /allgroups] [options]

Command-line options:
/computer:WEBSERVER3         Update computer WEBSERVER3
/group:GROUP3                Update all computers in group GROUP3
/allgroups                   Update computers from ALL groups

/log                         When done, log message to Application
                             event log (IDs 1100 and 1101)

/force                       Perform configuration update even when
                             configuration has not changed.
/noping                      Do not require successful ping before
                             remote update is started.
/installupdate               Always update remote agents if they are
                             out of date and start service if stopped
/uninstall                   COMPLETELY remove agents, cannot be used
                             with the /installupdate option
/repeatfailed                Stored failed hosts in log file and
                             repeat failed hosts if no config changes
                             have been made.
/usead                       Activate AD support for groups linked to

Example batch file, daily_update.bat:
eventsentry_upd.exe /allgroups /log /skipunassigned /noping /installupdate /repeatfailed /usead