What is proration?

Article ID: 329
Category: Sales
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2019-04-02

Proration is a line item which is automatically added to quotes and invoices when additional EventSentry licenses are added to an existing set of EventSentry licenses. The proration amount fills the gap between the maintenance expiration of the existing licenses and the expiration date of the new licenses, ensuring that maintenance for all licenses expires on the same date - one year from the data of the new purchase.

Detailed Explanation
Since all EventSentry licenses include a full year of maintenance, adding new licenses to an additional set of licenses without proration would create a discrepancy; the existing licenses would have a different maintenance expiration date as the new licenses. Adding proration fills the gap and extends the maintenance period for the existing licenses so that the maintenance agreement for both the existing and new licenses expires on the same day - one year from the date the new licenses are purchased. The diagram below illustrates this visually. Please contact our sales team if you have any additional questions about proration or licensing.

Sales Proration Diagram