Can I monitor Subversion from CollabNet with EventSentry?

Article ID: 341
Category: Configuration
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2018-11-07

Yes, you can monitor several aspects of Subversion with EventSentry. We will assume that SVN is installed in C:\CSVN, and that the repositories are installed in C:\SVN.


  • CollabNet Subversion Edge (csvnconsole)
  • CollabNet Subversion Server (collabnetsubversionserver)

Disk Space
Using folder monitoring (System Health -> Disk Space), you can monitor the size of the repository and optionally receive an alert when the size of the folder exceeds a preset limit.

Log Files
All SVN log files are located in C:\csvn\data\logs and can be monitored with a non-delimited log file package. It's recommended to monitor the following directory path: