How can I automate the installation (silent install) of the EventSentry agent, for example when automatically setting up (rolling out) servers or workstations? How can I manually install the EventSentry agent?

Article ID: 352
Category: Installation
Applies to: 3.3.1 and newer
Updated: 2019-01-05

The easiest option is to generate an MSI file that contains the agent and your settings.
In the EventSentry console, use the toolbar to click Groups > Agent Deployment, then choose MSI. Execute the MSI file to install the agent as well as the agent settings from the time that the MSI file was generated.

If you do not wish to use an MSI file, the agent can still be installed manually with the individual agent files.
In order to function correctly the EventSentry agent requires the following:

  • Working configuration in registry
  • Installed Service
  • Installed service executable
  • Installed dependencies (chartdir51.dll)

1. Export Configuration
Export a working configuration from another machine running the agent or the management console and save it to a file. To export the configuration using the management console, click on "Computer Groups" in the tree or "Groups" in the ribbon and select "Agent Deployment" from the ribbon and choose "Configuration". The resulting file name needs to be or it will not work.

2. Copy Files
Copy the following files to a sub folder from where they can be copied/installed during the unattended server setup:

  • eventsentry_svc.exe
  • eventsentry_svc_x64.exe
  • chartdir51.dll

3. Create Script File
Create a script file that runs the following commands (or execute the commands one-by-one from a command line):

For 64-bit Machines:

md %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
copy %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
copy eventsentry_svc_x64.exe %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
copy x64\chartdir51.dll %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
cd %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
eventsentry_svc_x64.exe /install
net start EventSentry

For 32-bit Machines:

md %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
copy %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
copy eventsentry_svc.exe %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
copy chartdir51.dll %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
cd %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\eventsentry
eventsentry_svc.exe /install
net start EventSentry

4. Configure Script (optional)
Configure this script file to be run during your custom deployment routine.

For 64-bit target systems, the "chartdir51.dll" file is located in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\EventSentry\x64" directory (or "C:\Program Files\EventSentry" on 32-bit systems) of your management server. For 32-bit target systems the chartdir51.dll file is located in the EventSentry installation directory.