How can I exclude a specific disk on one or more hosts from generating disk space alerts?

Article ID: 362
Category: Configuration
Applies to: 3.4 and later
Updated: 2020-04-17

If you are getting diskspace alerts about a specific drive that is expected to have little or no disk space available (such as the destination for a backup), then you can create a customized rule to disable alerts on that particular drive.

  1. Open the management console
  2. Expand Packages and click System Health
  3. Click Add on the ribbon to add a new package. Give the package a descriptive name like "Disk Space Drive E"
  4. Click the new package
  5. Assign the package to the appropriate host(s) or group(s) or assign it dynamically
  6. On the ribbon, in the "System Health" section, click Add and select Disk Space
  7. Click Disk Space
  8. Change the main Logical Disks section to Monitor only selected disk drives and select only the drive you wish to ignore, e.g. drive E
  9. Uncheck all boxes under Limits but make sure that Record to database is still checked if you wish to store stats in the database
  10. Push the configuration to the appropriate hosts or just save the configuration if you are using the collector in automatic configuration deployment mode

Disk Space Monitoring Configuration