My LDAPS integration for Linux Web Reports fails due to certificate errors. How do I fix this?

Article ID: 363
Category: Web Reports
Applies to: 3.0 and newer
Updated: 2019-06-26

1) Obtain the specified LDAP server's certificate:
*Note, please save it as "X.509 Certificate (DER)" type, so that the exported file has a der extension.

2) Import this certificate into the Java manager of the web reports. You can do this by running:
/opt/EventSentry/WebReports/jre/bin/keytool -import -alias examplename -keystore /opt/EventSentry/WebReports/jre/lib/security/eventsentry.keystore -file /home/user/Downloads/examplename.der

This assumes that you wish to import "examplename.der" from /home/user/Downloads/ and that you wish to give the certificate the alias name "examplename" in the Java certificate store. If you would like to use different file names, paths, or alias names, it will still work.

You might also be able to export the LDAP server's certificate as "X.509 base 64 CER" and use a cer extension for the file in the steps above.

If you restart the web reports service, the changes will take effect and your LDAPS integration should work successfully.