How do I resolve the error "Group Policy Management not installed" on the ADMonitor dialog?

Article ID: 392
Category: ADMonitor
Applies to: 4.0 and later
Updated: 2022-12-09

Group Policy Management is required by the EventSentry ADMonitor Service to detect Group Policy changes and needs to be installed on the machine that is running EventSentry ADMonitor. Group Policy Management can be installed by opening an elevated PowerShell prompt and entering the following command:

For Windows Servers Family:
Install-WindowsFeature –Name GPMC

For Windows Desktop Family:
Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name Rsat.GroupPolicy.Management.Tools~~~~

After the Group Policy Management feature is successfully installed, restart the EventSentry ADMonitor service. The management console should then display "Everything is running smoothly" if no other issues are found.

You can add this without running PowerShell by opening "Server Manager" and in the top right corner select "Manage > Add Roles and Features" > Before You Begin (Next) > Installation Type (Role-based or feature-based installation) > Server Selection (Next) > Server Roles (Next) > Features (select "Group Policy Management" then click "Next") > Confirmation (Install).