How can I get notified when a server or workstation reboot?

Article ID: 401
Category: Monitoring
Updated: 2020-04-17

The easiest way to get notified in real-time whenever a Windows-based system boots is by forwarding "Event Log" event 6009. This event is logged to the System event log whenever a Windows OS starts up.

System EventLog 6009
  1. Open the management console and either find an existing event log package to add this new filter rule to, or create a new event log package.
  2. Make sure the package is assigned correctly or set it global if the filter rules should apply to all hosts in your network.
  3. Create a new event log filter that matches the following properties: Event Log: System Severity: Information Source: EventLog Event ID: 6009
  4. Assign an action to the event log filter.

Uptime Reports

If a real-time notification is not required then you can also schedule an uptime report in the web reports which includes all hosts that rebooted (including network devices) along with additional details. This report is available under Health -> UPTIME -> Recent Reboots.