How can I monitor network bandwidth & jitter using Performance monitoring?

Article ID: 411
Category: Usage
Applies to: 4.1
Updated: 2022-06-13

We can monitor bandwidth, jitter, latency and packet loss using performance monitoring by monitoring the output of an executable. The command line CLI can be found here:

Speedtest CLI

Download the above tool and for the purposes of this How-to, we will copy it to C:\Tools on our EventSentry server. Then, open an elevated command prompt and navigate to C:\Tools and run: Speedtest.exe

This will prompt you to accept their licensing agreement.

Once that is completed, we can begin configuring EventSentry.

  • Go to Tools > Embedded Scripts
  • Click 'New' and then name the script 'speedtest.ps1'
  • Then, click in the script content area and add the following script: $scriptOutput = (C:\Tools\speedtest.exe --format=json) | Out-String $jsonObj = $scriptOutput | convertFrom-Json $output = "" $output += [math]::Round($, 2) $output += ',' $output += [math]::Round($, 2) $output += ',' $output += [math]::Round($jsonObj.packetloss, 2) $output += ',' $output += [math]::Round(($, 2) $output += ',' $output += [math]::Round(($jsonObj.upload.bandwidth/125000), 2) Write-Output $output
  • In the 'Interpreter Field' select: powershell.exe -inputformat none -executionpolicy bypass –file
  • Click "OK"
  • Click on "Packages > System Health > Add" and name the package "Network Monitoring"
  • Click on that package and click the drop-down under "Add" and select "Performance / SNMP"
  • Click on "Performance / SNMP" in the "Network Monitoring" package and click the "+" to add a new counter:
    • Change frequency to "1 hour"
    • In the name field, add: Speedtest
    • Change "Windows Counter" to "Executable"
    • In the field next to "Executable", select "@speedtest.ps1"
    • Click "History & Trending"
      • Click "Record to database" and change to "3 hours" and select keep history
      • Click "Add" and select your database action
      • Click "OK"
  • Click "Home > Save"

After 3 hours, you can view the collected data in the web reports by going to “Health > Performance > Status” and run the following query: