How can I receive an alert when battery level is low?

Article ID: 419
Category: General
Applies to: 4.1 and later
Updated: 2020-04-17

The "Software/Hardware Inventory" system health package can monitor battery levels both on laptops and directly attached UPS devices. Alerts generated by this feature can be used that to generate an email when the percentage is low.

By default, there is a "System Health > Inventory > Software/Hardware Monitoring" package, if you don't have this package, please right-click on "System Health" and select "Add Package" and give the package a descriptive name such as "Inventory." Then, right-click on and select Add > Software/Hardware Inventory and then, right-click the package and click "Global."

Since this package doesn't monitor batteries by default, the option to monitor batteries needs to be checked. Click on the default package or the new package that was just created and then make sure to check "Monitor batteries and UPS devices." The next step will be to save the settings and push the configuration, which can be done by clicking Home > Save and then *Groups > Push Configuration > Go. *

Now, the device is running on battery power (i.e., not plugged into a power source), the agent will log an EVENT ID 12502 to the Application log in regular intervals as an informational event:

At least one connected UPS/battery continues to operate on battery power.
Charge Remaining: 72%
Estimated remaining runtime: 8304 seconds

Creating an include filter will allow us to receive an email alert of that event if the percentage is below x%.

Create an include filter by clicking on "Event Logs" and selecting "Add Package" which can be labeled "Battery Monitoring", then right-click this package and select "Global" and then right-click on this package and select "Add Filter" and label this "Battery Alerts." You can click on this filter and enter the following information:

  • Actions: Default Email or any other email action
  • Log: Application
  • Severity: Information
  • Source: EventSentry
  • EVENT ID: 12502

In the "Content Filter & Notes" section, click the '+' and change the drop-down to "Insertion string match" and change the matches to less than and then in the Content Filter add 10 and then click "OK." Once your settings are saved and pushed out to all your remote hosts (specifically laptops), you'll receive an alert if the battery percentage is below 10%.

Configuring Battery Alerts