How can I monitor performance metrics (CPU, memory utilization) on VMWare ESXi hosts?

Article ID: 441
Category: Monitoring
Applies to: 4.2.3
Updated: 2020-11-23

Note: This article requires EventSentry v4.2.3.x or higher

Since VMWare ESXi hosts report CPU and memory utilization differently than other Linux or Unix-based hosts, the generic Performance System package cannot be used to obtain performance metrics from VMWare ESXi hosts. Instead, the VMWare system health package needs to be downloaded and assigned to all hosts running VMWare ESXi (v6.5 or higher recommended).

  • Ensure you are running EventSentry v4.2.3 or higher
  • Open the management console
  • From configuration tree, Click on "Packages"
  • From ribbon, click Download to download the latest packages
  • Only select the VMWare package from the list of available system health packages
  • Wait for the import to complete
  • Assign the VMWare package to all hosts running VMWare ESXi