To which IP addresses, URLs and ports does the host where EventSentry is installed need access to?

Article ID: 455
Category: Security
Applies to: 4.x and later
Updated: 2024-01-08

The EventSentry management console and services (excluding the agent) need access to the following:

Application Process URLs / IPs Purpose
Management Console eventsentry_gui_x64.exe
Patch/Setup Download
Maintenance Check
Version Check
Validation Scripts Updates
Package Updates
Network Services es_network_svc_x64.exe
es_collector_svc_x64.exe AbuseIpDb Blacklist Checks
Network Services es_network_svc_x64.exe
Free Blacklist Checks
Installer eventsentry_v.._windows_setup.exe Checksum Verification
Trial License Activation
Web Reports es_webreports_svc.exe Software Version Check

Please note that IP addresses for 3rd party URLs are not provided since they are subject to change without notice.