How can I get an alert when a VIB package is installed on an ESXi host?

Article ID: 477
Category: Network Services
Applies to: 3.5 and later
Updated: 2022-11-22

In a production environment it can be important to know when a VIB package is installed on an ESXI host. If the VMWare ESXi host is configured to send Syslog messages to a log host like EventSentry, then it will send a message similar to the one shown below whenever a VIB package is installed/updated:

2022-09-30T22:28:15Z Server-Name esxupdate: 2100468: imageprofile: INFO: Adding VIB Dell_bootbank_OpenManage_9.4.0.ESXi670-3776 to ImageProfile (Updated) ESXi-6.7.0-20220104001-standard

In order to receive an email alert, first follow KB 399 and specify the following filter both in step 2 and step 3 (content filter):