How to monitor AppLocker events

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Updated: 2022-10-21

What is AppLocker?

Introduced in Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, AppLocker provides a mechanism within Windows to whitelist / blacklist known applications, publishers or file hashes via Group Policy. AppLocker provides Administrators the ability to restrict the execution of these resources in Enforce rules mode or to generate audit logs in Audit only mode.

Application blocked by AppLocker

Setup AppLocker via Group Policy

Microsoft's guide to Administering AppLock via Group Policy in your environment

Monitoring AppLocker events with EventSentry

• Open the EventSentry Management Console
• Expand Packages -> Event Logs -> Database Consolidation
• Select Consolidate Non-Security Events
• Click Custom Event Logs tab
• Use the + button on the right side to include all Microsoft-Windows-AppLocker event logs
• Save & Push Configuration

Consolidating AppLocker events

Viewing consolidated AppLocker via the web reports

• Open the EventSentry Web Reports
• Navigate to Features -> Event Log
• Search for source:Microsoft-Windows-AppLocker
• Click Detailed tab

AppLocker Web Reports

Setup alerts when AppLocker prevents apps from running

In the EventSentry Management Console create an include filter to match the following:

Custom Event Logs: Microsoft-Windows-AppLocker/EXE and DLL
Event Severity: Error
Event ID: 8004

Adding AppLocker Include Filter
Setup AppLocker Block Filter
Email Alert AppLocker

Key AppLocker events

Enforce rules

Event ID Type Message Context
8004 Error {File name} was not allowed to run. The .exe or .dll file cannot run and has been blocked
8007 Error {File name} was not allowed to run. The script or .msi file cannot run and has been blocked.

All AppLocker event definitions