I cannot install or update EventSentry on some or all remote computers using Remote Update. Some of the error messages reported are: Access Denied, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) failed.

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Category: Usage
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2021-04-02

EventSentry uses Windows RPC calls to update remote agents, and remote update forwards all error messages reported by Windows when a remote update fails.

EventSentry uses the following features:

  • Remote Service Control (connecting to the remote SCM (service control manager)
  • File access (EventSentry installs all required agent files to the ADMIN$ share of the remote computer)
  • EventSentry v2.71 and earlier: Remote Registry Access

When remote access fails then try the following:

Open up File Explorer and type \\SERVER1\ADMIN$ to view the ADMIN$ share of the remote computer, where "SERVER1" is the computername or IP Address of the remote computer. If a username/password box appears during the test, and you can successfully provide a username and password that opens the share, you will need to configure the [Authentication Settings] in EventSentry for your device to resolve the Access Denied error. If the test does not succeed then you will not be able to install, update, or manage the agent on the remote computer using the EventSentry console. Make sure that the ADMIN$ share exists (or recreate it if necessary) and that you have administrative permissions on the remote computer.

EventSentry v2.72 and newer: You can also setup the ES$ share and install the agent manually. Please see the additional links below for more information.

EventSentry v2.71 and older: Try to connect to the registry of the remote computer. You can simply open the registry editor running "regedit.exe" and select "Connect Network Registry" in the "File" menu. Then, attempt to expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and "Software\netikus.net\EventSentry\Packages" subkey. If you are getting an error message then EventSentry will not be able to perform a remote update