I can't view the .chm help file of EventSentry - all I see is "Action Cancelled" when I click on the topics.

Article ID: 53
Category: Help
Created: 2005-06-30

When you open a CHM file from a UNC path or from a network drive even if the network drive is mapped to a drive letter, the HTML Help viewer opens and instead of displaying the topic, it displays an error message "Action cancelled" in the topic pane.

The Microsoft Security Update 896358 restricts execution of HTML Help files to the local machine zone. Microsoft in fact disabled half of the CHM files in the world (the other half is installed on the C: drive).

We recommend that you copy or move the .chm file to a local directory so that it will display correctly, or see the additional links for more information on how to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the Microsoft Security Update 896358.