The server running the management console is no longer available (e.g. it was re-installed). How can I restore the configuration from one of the agents?

Article ID: 55
Category: Configuration
Updated: 2022-06-09

In order to transfer the EventSentry configuration from a remote computer to the computer running the management application do the following:

1) Log in on one of the remote computers running the agent
2) Open up the registry editor (regedit.exe) and select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\\EventSentry subkey
3) From the File (or Registry) menu select "Export" and export the key to a file
4) Copy this file to the computer running the EventSentry management application

On the computer where the management application should be installed, run the EventSentry setup. Once the setup is complete do the following:

5) Open the Management Application
6) From the "File" menu select "Import"
7) Browse to the .reg file and select this file to be imported

The management application will automatically import this file and restart the EventSentry services.

If you had multiple groups defined AND the computer where EventSentry was originally installed is not available anymore, then you will need to export the registry file from one computer in each group (as described in steps 1-4) and do the following:

8) Open the EventSentry Management Application
9) Click on "Service Control"
10) Click both STOP buttons
11) Exit the EventSentry Management Application
12) Double-click the remaining .reg files in Windows Explorer
13) Re-Open the EventSentry Management Application
14) In "Service Control", start the service(s) again